This subspecialty of traditional orthopedics focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.

Experts in sports medicine

A specialist in sports medicine must have anatomical, medical, surgical and physiological knowledge. You must have the ability to address sports injuries in any context, whether in training, matches or competitions.

In Sports Medicine Systems we understand the needs of the athlete and his teams, so our treatments are based on recovering injuries without losing physical condition, muscle tone or weight control, this allows us to return to normal sports practice as soon as possible in The best conditions.

We seek the speed of diagnosis because it is a fundamental piece to effectively solve the sports pathologies that are presented to us daily.

What is our process?

  • Appointment

    We have the necessary specialists to, after a correct clinical study and an exploration, we can identify sports injuries accurately.
  • Diagnóstico.

    We carry out complementary tests so that our team can identify the problem.
  • Treatment.

    Once the lesion is identified, we assign the most appropriate treatment for the recovery of its activity.
  • Rehabilitation

    We establish a rehabilitation program and even a rehabilitation program, in order to "return to play" as quickly and safely as possible.
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