What is SMS?

We are a center of integral attention to the athlete. We have the best specialist and offer effective treatments to operate, recover and prevent sports injuries. We work together with the physiatrist who will guide and direct the physical recovery and the physiotherapist who, together with the personal trainer, will be in charge of the muscular activity and rehabilitation to the sport.

Our Clinic


  • 15 years of experience
  • High specialty
  • Trained in USA

The medical advice we provide consists of a sports trauma specialist, which is the mainstay of treatment in a sports injury, the physiatrist, the physiotherapist and the personal trainer. Together, as an integral team we help you take care of your body so that you only dedicate yourself to practice and enjoy your sport.

Dr Pedro José Castillo Machado

I am a Medical Surgeon Professional, with a postgraduate degree in Orthopedics and Traumatology. I specialize in arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder and small joints, as well as in the treatment of sports injuries. With 15 years of experience in joint surgery and sports medicine, I am focused on the recovery of the elite athlete.

I am a university professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Anáhuac Cancún and I also have experience as a coordinating professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Articular Medicine of the “Pedro Arreaza” Hospital, as well as in the Medkar Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Center. I am a Medical Director in charge of highly competitive sports teams.

High specialty

Our doctors have extensive training and experience in various international medical centers. We have the capacity and tools to help you in your rehabilitation and improve your physical fitness.


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  • Hospital Victoria CAM (Huayacan) - Consulting Room #6

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