Sports medicine

The practice of competitive sport requires the presence of a specialist doctor who can instruct athletes on the best practices to prevent and treat injuries.

What is sports medicine?

It is a multidisciplinary branch, recognized since 1989. Sports medicine not only covers musculoskeletal injuries, but problems that require teamwork with multiple specialties such as cardiology, pulmonology, orthopedics, physiology, traumatology, among others.

It is important to consider that sports medicine also values aspects related to international competitions such as the effect of travel, weather factors and food. One of the main objectives of sports medicine is to support both highly competitive athletes and those who do so solely for pleasure.

What advantage do we give you?

At Sports Medicine Systems we offer the diagnosis and specific treatment for each athlete. We are interested in knowing the athlete's medical history, as well as their current conditions to provide effective and appropriate recovery programs for each case.

Through our evaluation we perform a complete sports medical analysis in order to identify the conditions that afflict our patients.

Most common sports injuries

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